Paramount Transportation Systems Awarded the AIMYs “Americas Moving Company of the Year”

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Phuket, Thailand, February 25th, 2016 – Paramount Transportation Systems is proud to have been named the “Americas Moving Company of the Year” at IMC World’s 5th Annual International Mobility Conference, which was held February 24-26th, 2016, in Phuket, Thailand.

This year’s conference, entitled “IMC 2016 – Synergies in Mobility”, brought together more than 130 industry professionals from around the globe.

IMC World International Mobility Convention

About Paramount Transportation Systems
Founded in 1996, Paramount Transportation Systems is a leading provider of global moving services with strategically located operation facilities and customer service centers throughout the United States and Europe. Paramount specializes in the movement of household goods, personal effects, vehicles and pets for employees of multi-national and Fortune 500 corporations. As a licensed global freight forwarder, Paramount manages over 22,000 shipments annually, touching more than 130 countries. We have moved tens of thousands of families worldwide and many corporations have made us their partner of choice for managing this critical function. For more information, please contact us at 800-500-7299 or visit